For bouncy castle hire in Southport and Ormskirk, you can rest assured you're in safe hands when you choose Bouncy Castle Parade! Make a booking online today to ensure you have the perfect item for your party.


How do I book / pay? -

To secure your preferred castle, we advise for you to book your castle via the website by following the booking process or alternatively phone our team on ..... to avoid disappointment we advise you to complete your booking in advance for your favourite to be available.

How much space do I need? -

The minimum space required for our smallest castle is 5ft at the front, to allow our crash mats to be put in place for safety. 2ft either side of the castle and 5ft at the rear of the castle for the blower. All our the castle dimensions are displayed on the product pages as we have a wide variation in sizes to suit all.

The minimum that is required for set up is 5ft at the front & rear also 2ft either side of the castle this allows access to the blower at the rear.

Does access to the garden need to be clear? -

It is vital that there is a clear pathway for our staff to be able to safely transport the castle through to your garden. The approximate width required is - We kindly request that any garden furniture, children toys and animal

Could you please make sure there is a clear way to where the castle is going to go! Please make sure there are no toys, garden furniture, swings, slides & animal mess.

How is the castle brought in?

The castle will be brought on a sack tuck - this will require a minimum width of -

The castle is brought in by using a sack truck for a normal standard size path.

What equipment comes with the bouncy castle? -

On delivery you will receive a blower, extension lead & safety crash mats.

Safety of the bouncy castle? -

Each castle is provided with crash mats for the front of the castle, sand bags to secure the castle down and upon delivery one of our team member will run through the safety rules prior to your day of bouncing.

On delivery we will talk you through safety rules prior to your fun day bouncing!

Castles overnight? -

If you wish to keep your castle over night you can do so, however there will be a small additional fee. Upon delivering the castle we will check the surrounding areas to make sure the location secure. Please note if we do not feel the castle is an a secure location we are entitled to refuse.

Yes, you can have bouncy castles overnight but there will be a small fee for this, as long as we have seen how secure the castle location is.

If you need to cancel what happens? -

You are able to cancel your booking up to 48 hours before your castle is due to go out, if you cancel within the 48 time period you will be charged a cancellation fee.

You can cancel anytime up to 48hrs without any charges however after that time you will lose your deposit.

Does it take long to inflate / deflate?-

Depending on which castle you hire i.e. children's bouncy castle / adult slide it roughly takes 20 minutes to setup / takeaway.